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Equipment and Materials

Blueprints on Fabric
Linda Stemer produces and sells cyanotype paper and fabrics, including cottons, silks and needed chemicals for the process.
Phone 206-463-3369

Edwards Engineered Products
UV light sources, vacuum frames, tray rockers, coating rods, paper dryers, vent hoods, ABS darkroom sinks and custom design capabilities.

Freestyle Photo
they sell a wide variety of photographic chemicals, film and papers, as well as general photographic equipment.  The several people at Freestyle that I have dealt with over the years have always been very knowledgeable, helpful and delivery is always prompt.

Bostick and Sullivan

Photographic Formulary, Inc.
POB 950
Condon, MT 59826
The Photographic Formulary provides photographic chemistry for photographers. They supply over 150 chemicals including amidol, glycin, hydroquinone, metol, gold chloride, ferric oxalate, pyrogallol, silver nitrate and liquid gum arabic. They also offer alternative process kits including Cyanotype, Kallitype, Gum Bichromate, Van Dyke brown and P.O.P. They also sell black and white film and paper developers, reducers, intensifiers and toners. They also sell plastic and amber glass bottles, lab ware, books and electronic scales.

6200 West Howard Ave
Niles, IL
Hg vapor uv lamps, exposure units, vacuum frames
cyanotype fabric by the yard

Canal Samples Inc
363 Canal Street
metal, leather, textiles



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